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Solemn High Masses at St Peter and Paul

Wilmington, CA
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Solemn High Masses at St Peter and Paul

Post by ecobray16 » 7 months ago

SOLEMN HIGH MASSES only at SS. Peter and Paul. Sunday, Oct. 29 at 7:00 pm - Christ the King, Wednesday, Nov. 1 - All Saints, Thursday, Nov. 2 - All Souls both at 7:30 pm.

By participating in the Solemn High Mass (Latin Tridentine) you will be formed in the same way that most of the Saints were formed. This is the Mass of your forefathers and it was the norm for centuries. Great reverence of the Most Holy Eucharist is observed during the Traditional Latin Mass.

Immersing yourself in the traditional Mass is not about nostalgia or pining for the past. It is about being transformed by the beauty of holiness. Far from being dead and archaic, you will find that this ancient way of praying is very much alive and powerful, a way of encountering God that is vital in its freshness.

Come and experience our Tridentine Masses. Experience it, pray it, and let its timeless rhythms transform your heart and soul.



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