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2nd Sunday Latin High Mass, St. Anthony's, El Segundo, 1/14/18, 1:30pm

El Segundo, CA
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2nd Sunday Latin High Mass, St. Anthony's, El Segundo, 1/14/18, 1:30pm

Post by jcgallomarsteller » 5 months ago

Please join us on Sunday, January 14th at 1:30pm at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, 720 E. Grand Ave., El Segundo, for the monthly, 2nd Sunday, Traditional Latin High Mass, Missa Cantata. Our celebrant will be Fr. Michael Carcerano. Latin to English Mass booklets & readings are provided, as well as Latin to Spanish Mass booklets. Please be aware that Communion is received on the tongue & modest attire is appreciated.

For fellowship after the Mass, please join us for lunch. Please RSVP to this email for the location & directions.

For more information please contact Joana Gallo Marsteller: jcgallo.marsteller1@verizon.net or Robert Koran: robert.koran@gmail.com


St. Anthony’s Catholic Church celebrates a Traditional Latin Mass EVERY Sunday at 1:30pm. All Sundays, except the 2nd Sunday of the month, will be a Low Latin Mass, with Fr. Michael Carcerano as celebrant. Please spread the word! We pray that this weekly Tridentine Latin Mass will provide the South Bay Catholic community & beyond, the opportunity to experience the rich heritage of our Catholic faith.

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